"Employing the world's most recognised and efficient oil processing methods, Bene Vita aims to be among the leading olive and olive oil producing and exporting companies of the world."

Bene Vita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Ancient Tradition
For a product so entwined in the history of mankind, the origins of Olive Oil remain unclear, along with the vine it was one of the first cultivated plants. It had religious significance and was a divine gift from Pharaoh Ramses III to the god Ra, depicted in Greek Mythology [Athena] as a frieze on the Parthenon and a cherished prize for Olympic athletes. Olive Oil [and Table Olives] has been a foundation food for cultural growth and social exchange throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean since the dawn of history.
Today its powers are heralded frequently by the medical profession as more benefits are discovered in its growing role within Modern society. We take great pride in continuing the history of Olive Oil, a truly amazing ‘natural juice’ which inspires society and transforms food. ‘Bene Vita - the true sensation for all your senses’.